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Jacob has put together a handy reference clip to help you produce your entry.

If you can’t access the video, here’s a summary of the points Jacob raises:


(1) Find your Saint Next Door

Don’t get stressed about gear, filming or technical know-how.

What we’re most interested in, is a good story.

Give thought to a story that you can easily film.


(2) Talk to your Saint

Introduce the project.

Get their permission. You can use our image consent form. Don’t forget to get the forms signed.

Discuss with them what it is that has you thinking that they are special.

Talking with the lead character will give you inspiration as to what content your film will need.


(3) Develop a script and/or story board

What’s the main theme of your movie? What is it you want to get across to your audience?

Develop some questions for your interview.

Don’t forget B-roll. This is the background footage that illustrates key parts of the story.


(4) Get good sound

Make sure you do your interviews somewhere quiet, away from distractions and background noise.

Avoid filming near roads, or speakers or servers (anything that hums in the background).


(5) Film in as high a resolution as you can

Ideally 1080HD and 25fps


(6) Keep your camera straight

If you can, do use a tripod, monopod or gimbal.

In Jacob’s tips video he even suggests you can use a stack of books.

Make sure you capture nice steady footage.


(7) Edit

Once you have all your footage you will need to edit your content down.

Don’t forget we’re looking for clips that are 3-4 minutes long.

You will probably have a lot more footage so work out what’s best and keep that in the final cut.

You can edit clips on your phone. There’s plenty of free apps out there.


(8) Register

Make sure you register your interest as we will be sending other tips out over the next few weeks.